About Ground Force Lawncare

Before establishing Ground Force Lawncare in the spring of 2006, the owner, Andy Wachholz, had been installing irrigation systems as a side business since 1999.  Seeing a demand for his services increasing every year throughout the Twin Cities, Andy decided to make Irrigation and Property Maintenance his full-time job, starting up Ground Force Lawncare and working out of Chisago City, just north of St. Paul, MN.

With a long history of working in the customer service industries, Andy wanted to make sure that first and foremost, Ground Force Lawncare was a leader in customer relationships.  Listening to what the customer wants and delivering it in a timely manner, are just a few examples of what Ground Force Lawncare wants in order to separate itself from other companies.  Ground Force Lawncare is all about helping its customers understand what their money is paying for and wants to show each customer the value they receive from services and products through Ground Force Lawncare.Andy Wachholz, founder and owner of Ground Force Lawncare, Chisago City, MN with his son.

Ground Force Lawncare has the tools and resources to maintain both commercial and residential properties throughout the year.  Here is a list of the following services that we provide:

•    Weekly lawn maintenance
•    Fertilizer and weed control
•    Irrigation design, installation and service
•    Spring and Fall clean up
•    De-thatching
•    Aeration
•    Pruning
•    Delivery and installation of mulch, rock and sand
•    Trenching services
•    Snow plowing and snow removal
•    Salt and sanding services
•    Rough-cut mowing
•    Soil preparation and seeding