Make your lawn be the talk of the neighborhood. Contact us today to setup an evaluation of your lawn and have a custom program designed with your turf in mind. Following the guidelines set forth by the Univerisity of Minnesota, we will only apply the prescribed number of applications for your yard.

Ground Force Lawncare offers Twin Cities, MN homeowners and businesses weekly lawn maintenance services including spray application packages.

Whether you have a home in Forest Lake, MN or a business in Minneapolis, if there's a lawn to take care of, the development and maintenance of a dense, healthy stand of grass is the best way to reduce the incidence of broadleaf weed problems developing in home lawns. To facilitate the growth of healthy lawns, homeowners and businesses alike should incorporate recommended turfgrass selections and management practices into their establishment and maintenance programs. These recommendations include the use of adapted species and cultivars, adequate fertilization programs, proper mowing practices, adequate supplemental irrigation, and necessary insect and disease control measures. Occasionally however, even the best cared-for lawns are sometimes invaded by broadleaf weeds. To have a completely weed-free lawn, the homeowner may have to resort to the careful and selective use of braodleaf weed control herbicides.

Postemergent herbicides can be used to control broadleaf weeds (i.e., non-grassy weeds) that are not prevented with the use of preemergent herbicides. It is essential that sensible cultural practices be used to encourage rapid fill-in soon after the turf has been treated with the weed control chemical, since new weeds will quickly reinfest the areas left open by the recently-killed weeds.